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[Selection] Top rated 5 dramas (gay) - handsome and lovable could make the guts relaxed

+ Advance Bravely (2017)

Provisional translation: Thinh The

Score on MyDramaList: eight.one / 10

A lady named Yuan Ru fell in love While using the protagonist Xia Yao, a rich man, but he found her frustrating and uninterested. Yuan Ru didn't want to surrender, so he questioned for the assistance of his brother Yuan Zong, a soldier who remaining the army, though the brother suddenly fell in enjoy with Xia Yao. Even though it won't comprise direct kiss scenes because the Chinese aspect is sort of fierce with films on this subject, Progress Bravely is still a adorable and intimate collection in addition to possessing some interesting motion scenes. .

+ Together With Me (2017)

Translation: 7 Really like Come Like Me

Rating on MyDramaList: eight.6 / 10

The information of Together With Me will take spot before the situations of Bad Romance: The Collection, concentrating on the connection of two childhood good friends Korn and Knock. The film follows a lengthy and complex journey of how they meet up with one another and all the troubles they've got to overcome to formally become a couple. Together With Me is a movie about gender disclosure and self-acceptance.


+ Sotus (2016)

Score on MyDramaList: eight.8 / 10

The film is predicated on the novel by BitterSweet which is set inside a technical school, wherever new learners ought to pass the SOTUS test to get regarded as a member of The college. Arthit, one of many 3rd-yr college students, normally abuses his electrical power by producing 1st-year learners to do things which are irregular, when new learners usually can not complain or resist the orders of brotherhoods. Arthit appeared unstoppable until Kongpob stood around him. The consistent clash involving the two boys has built the hatred little by little create into one thing more emotional.

+ Addicted Heroin (2016)

Translation: Higher An

Score on MyDramaList: 8.four / 10

Ever because he was a baby, Bai Luo Yin had to Stay Using the irresponsible father Bai Han Qi and his grandmother. When he turned sixteen, his biological mother Jiang Yuan remarried, and her associate was a senior get together official named Gu Wei Ting. As a result of his mother's Dying, Gu Wei Ting's son Gu Hai has constantly held a grudge towards his father. Because of the hand of fate, two brothers with various contradictory situation have been put in a similar course. Time passed as well as the harm little by little fell in like Along with the opponent. The movie relies within the novel BL of Chai Jidan.

+ two Moons (2017)

Translation: Two Moon

Score on MyDramaList: 8.2 / ten

Wayo Panitchayasawad (Yo) is usually fmovies web a freshman at a College whose longtime really like item Phana Kongthanin (Pha) is in sophomore yr. Pha was an especially well known university student and became The college's Moon a yr before, though he did not like the attention greatly. When Yo gets a chance to get The college's Moon title, he realizes that he will likely have an opportunity to satisfy Pha a lot more, While their marriage at the outset is not Great when Pha typically treats him terribly. with Yo. The movie relies on the novel BL Two Moon by Chiffon_cake.